Fried Icecream
My sister decided to make fried ice cream ... Loved it...will do again and experiment ..
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sassytintamps sassytintamps Looks good.....Mmmm
cherryleopard cherryleopard Yumm-o!
bkraker bkraker Nice!
tangmo__q tangmo__q oMg I wanna eat :)
nanajan nanajan Like to have a have a go @it .let you know when I have had go
danebixmin danebixmin Looks good, I assume it would go well with syrup
krompiraca krompiraca Very very good... Look tasty...
lauramoffett142 lauramoffett142 Recipe? It like delish!
bluefire bluefire How do you even do that!?
idontknow idontknow My mouth is drooling like a dog right now when I showed my dog he started drooling too.