My Art
just a few of my sketches
No picture available
somewhere in the beginning of the Drew Barrymore sketch
No picture available
and the end (i think?)
No picture available
and an old Justin Bieber sketch
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and Taylor Swift
No picture available
and my friend Stephanie
jaafar89 jaafar89 Liked swift best. Needs work on expressions 😊
yame yame They are all beautiful
samsisti9 samsisti9 thanks to you both (:
danielleafoster danielleafoster Nice!
samsisti9 samsisti9 thanks (:
meo meo Woow no words
babaagba4united babaagba4united Great !!!! Such a masterpiece
ingrida ingrida Can you draw me?:D
samsisti9 samsisti9 thanks guys (: !
kellylovell3 kellylovell3 Ur a very talented lady, I love the sketches. when I was a young whippa-snapper I used t like drawing but never kept up t it so I hope U do UV got a talent:)
youssefaitmenna5 youssefaitmenna5 Justin sbieber
bkraker bkraker I r very talented. Ps I luv the JB one the nest cuz I luv him!
bkraker bkraker U r talented
caldonia caldonia Okay you got the eyes perfect in your drawing not bad.
grefo grefo i like the JB and the taylor swift ones other ones need work
bobbydionido bobbydionido Nice work! Step was very pretty :)
bkraker bkraker You did good but I am better than you
maryjane maryjane She did amazingly. I have no doubt she's a way better person and artist then you
aimeelouise aimeelouise Amazing!
kyleethebug kyleethebug U can really draw.
grenade grenade Cool!
mubashar mubashar Nice
claudio claudio Cool
gladyelias gladyelias Good picture of yours.
adamuabubakar adamuabubakar That is fine drowing
alynjb alynjb Justin and Taylor amazingg :D
soniyadey soniyadey Woah!! Amazing..!! =)
farrukhnaz315 farrukhnaz315 V Nice Nice
cloz cloz 9ce 1
aliaa_zainal aliaa_zainal I love it so. :)
e2_badboy123 e2_badboy123 Great work
haroldthefattie haroldthefattie That's amazing
titan titan TRUE. They are beautiful. You are talented. Taylor swift is exactly 'the' Taylor swift.
vinicius vinicius Oi
idontknow idontknow UR great at drawing
sahmraw sahmraw Very good artwork. Your friend looks very good.
cool sketches
eugenstanley eugenstanley Nice
salem6664 salem6664 Wow you good..
sanaajym sanaajym Great drawing
mikiislands mikiislands Really good :)
oranos oranos Hi
cat cat All are so cool😲
abdoelzayat504 abdoelzayat504 Wow