Easy Almond Tilapia Dijon
Easy healthy dinner that actually tastes good! Inspired by @ibjimbham Tasty Fish which I got to sample over the holidays. For a spicy kick, add Sriracha.

Thawed tilapia (I get a bag of frozen ones at Costco)
Sliced or crushed almonds
Dijon mustard
Lemon-pepper seasoning

Oven to 450
PAM spray cookie sheet
Put tilapia on and spread Dijon on top (with knife)
Sprinkle with lemon pepper
12 minutes in oven.

Take out, flip filet over, and Dijon/lemon-pepper the other side.
Sprinkle almonds on top
Oven again for 8 minutes, or until flaky!
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About to go in...
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Ready to eat
Matt Matt Yum
ibjimbham ibjimbham Glad you liked it. I'm going to try your version!
benpuah3 benpuah3 Yummy
shafiqullah shafiqullah N
bkraker bkraker Looks so good in hungry
fromq8 fromq8 Yummy yummy 😋
usmanbilal3 usmanbilal3 I like this
bkraker bkraker Eww its so disgusting
funfunfunnel funfunfunnel Its looks like a fish……
Inspired by
Tasty Fish