Battling the Furry Rodent
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Oh look Ma, them danged aliens are after are seeds again!
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Taking bets on whether this excluder keeps the squirrels away from the bird seed.
Vanessa Matt rogers5772 ristomies
Matt Matt Wow, do they climb down the wire to the feeder?
Maryann Maryann I vote no. Danged squirrels can probably jump straight from the branch to the feeder!
ibjimbham ibjimbham Yes! They can climb down the wire.
ibjimbham ibjimbham It's hard to tell from the picture but the feeder is not close enough to any solid branch :-)
paultid paultid Did you know we have flying squirrels in WA that only come out at night. You have no chance.
ronmarine2li ronmarine2li I bet they get to it. The are the most persistent of all. Especially when you dangle a double dare.
catnip catnip Free meal.
Garrett Garrett That UFO will prove no match for the furry varmints
ristomies ristomies Looks like a clever setup there!