Wild Scottish Pheasants Roasted With Black Truffles
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After learning that we're in the middle of the Scottish hunting season i ordered three wild pheasants. I've been reading classic food writers and chefs such as Fernand Point and Brillat-Savarin lately, and their constant description of truffles and truffled fowl put me in a mind to try my hand at them. To begin, I cured the pheasants in truffle salt for 24 hours.
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Once they were cured, I rinsed the salt off and stuffed them with black truffle butter, rubbing it over the outside and stuffing it under their skin. Then I let them sit for another 24 hours to aromatize the birds. At this point my fridge smelled ridiculously good.
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They were roasted at 400F for 40 minutes. Well, i was feeding pregnant women so i actually just eyeballed the times, cooking two until i was sure they were well done, and leaving one medium for myself. All the while basting constantly.
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Carved up and served on a bed of dandelion greens and arugula. The earthiness of the truffles was so good with the wild pheasant, and the peppery, floral flavors of the greens lightened the richness of the fowl without using acid to overwhelm the subtle flavors. If I did it again I'd take Jacque Pepin's advice and steam them first before finishing them in a hot oven - or on the grill.
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