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"Gingerbread" House competition
We took home first prize (and $75 in gift certificates to local stores!) with this masterpiece shoe shaped house. The creativity points put us over the edge!
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Shoe house with little people inside and a dog in front. Wish I had taken a picture with the laces and bow but you get the idea!
Maryann Maryann Awesome! Did you do this under a time limit, or did you do it at home and bring it in?
Anj Anj We did it there, one hour! Actually the others were even more awesome but like I said I think we just won because it was a shoe!
tanu tanu Awesome!
bkraker bkraker Wow make me some please!
muskananar muskananar Awesome
alynjb alynjb Amaziingg
mehdibahram mehdibahram Ok
candybarz candybarz I love ginger bread 🍞 house