Holidays Foood!
Turkey Time!
This is a few days late, but this turkey recipe turned out awesome, so I need to remember it!

Started defrosting Sunday morning. Made brine Tuesday. Started brining Wed night.


Q: Did you constantly baste this?
A: No! It got that color by cooking at 500 for the first 30 min.

Q: Did you cover it in brown sugar?
A: No! Sprayed with Canola Oil PAM spray. It got that color by cooking at 500 for 30 min :)

Q: By "500" do you mean broiling?
A: Not sure? By 500 I mean I set the oven to 500?

Q: I don't believe it!
A: Believe it!

Recipe by Alton Brown
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After 30 min at 500
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Put foil hat and thermometer on
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After another few hours at 350 - meat temp 161 degrees
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The key is to NEVER open the oven.
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Remember: Never open the oven. Basting is verboten for this reason!
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Anj Anj Ack so sad I missed this!
yame yame Groooooos
alexandermmari alexandermmari So 9c
chpotato chpotato 我想吃!!^_^ Nice!
maryjane maryjane Not gross! It looks so yummy
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