Holidays Halloween
Agent Smith
Super easy Matrix-themed costume. For optimal results, find 80 other identical people to walk around with you.
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White earbuds, clear straw, double-sided tape
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Wrap a little bit of straw with double-sided tape, then with the earphones.
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Reinforce over the top with single-sided tape...
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Top off with hair gel
Garrett Garrett Wow, genius. Why not Morphius, though?
Matt Matt Was missing the longcoat, plus a shaved head for the winter sounded unpleasant. Im thinking an albino twin next time.
iwans iwans Haha. Funny
praxg praxg Cool....
youssefaitmenna5 youssefaitmenna5 Yeahhhhhh
maryjane maryjane Oh shit. Me and my homie are gonna egg a house like that now
bkraker bkraker What