Grilled "cheese" and nomato soup!
GF, vegan and tomato free grilled cheese and tomato soup
No picture available
Matt Matt whats in the soup?
Garrett Garrett a valid question
kaitlyn10 kaitlyn10 :p its made from beets. I buy it from Pennsylvania
Matt Matt No kidding? Im impressed with the red tomato color, but most beats i see are dark purple.
bkraker bkraker Tell us how u make the soup it looks good
saket saket Very tastey
bkraker bkraker No duh
amran007 amran007 Looks.. Yay am full!
lila_loves_arnold lila_loves_arnold Can u plz follow me, anyone, I'm new
fateh fateh Hi
mari37 mari37 This is a classic!!! Delicious
mari37 mari37 I also love that is GF!
Nice!!!! Yet looks a little scorched..?