Efficient cat door
Regular "flap" cat doors are drafty. This two-way tunnel door is more efficient (less drafty).

I cant claim this; i got the design from a friend of my folks.

I built it out of 3/8 plywood, sheet wall screws, wood glue, small brass hinges, primer and paint.
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Cat coming in
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Profile view of tunnel
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Cat going out
kaitlyn10 kaitlyn10 haha you got him!
Maryann Maryann 10 points for physics! Also, we definitely need more cat pics around here, so keep 'em coming.
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joanneee joanneee Cats can be so strange some times!
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sahmraw sahmraw Webcast a gorgeous day and clever flap.
sahmraw sahmraw What a gorgeous cat and clever cat flap. Excuse previous post. Predictive text lol.
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Türk yok mu lann
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Brill idea hun x
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