Dollhouse Chairs Upgrade
A goodwill find turned west elmworthy collection.
No picture available
Maryann Maryann Just noticed that you not only reupholstered, but painted too! Very classy.
yame yame Make me some plz call me respond if u can make
shazz shazz Cutr
shazz shazz Upscale but cute dollhouse too!!
Well done
dimon dimon very got
bkraker bkraker Luv it
mmmface1327 mmmface1327 Those are awesome!!! Do u make & sale them? Because I would love to get some for my granddaughters doll houses I'm planning on customizing for them...<3 them!!! :)
idontknow idontknow There awesome
sanaajym sanaajym Cute
blu82 blu82 That's cute
shaphink shaphink Lovely