Semi homemade tortilla soup
This is so easy its actually not even a recipe. The base soup is a can of Mexican style tomatoes (you know the kind with green chilis and onions and spices) and a can of chicken broth or I've even just used water instead of broth. The tortilla strips are just cut up tortillas, sprayed with oil, and toasted in toaster oven. The rest is up to you!
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Can of Mexican styles tomatoes and can of chicken broth or water. Here I added some dollops of refried beans to dissolve in the soup because I had them leftover.
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Shredded chicken - just sautéed some chicken and added some taco bell sauce packets before giving it a whirl in our generic magic bullet
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Taadaa! Topped with chicken, cheese, avocados, and the tortilla strips. Yum!
suzi suzi Looks delicious. I have to try it :)
zahinraiqal zahinraiqal Awesome!
bkraker bkraker Yummy
muskananar muskananar 😋 look nice
aliaa_zainal aliaa_zainal Look like very yummy. .
Yummy 😋