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Thai San Choy Bow
Following the Masterchef example of my Thai-food-loving partner, I decided to do this recipe from the magazine "EatFit". Not only is it delicious, but it's seriously good for you as a dinner option.

Basically minced chicken cooked with softened onion & crushed garlic, with a little fish sauce and lemon juice. Stir fry it a bit, and that's it! Then add chopped basil and coriander, to serve on lettuce leaves.

Now I'm not saying I'm an expert on Thai food (and don't forget the magazine's intention to make every meal healthy), but this is pretty good!

I guess"someone" is making me grow a taste for food that does NOT come in a can. :)
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Thai San Chay Bow
somchairuntirawong somchairuntirawong So good
adrianodhou adrianodhou I'm glad you liked it!
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