Tortilla Soup // Sopa de Tortilla
I'm incredibly lucky to have a wonderful Mexican partner who is a) passionate about his culture and b) extremely patient with my blinding obsession with food.

As an Australian raised with Old El Paso dross and the occasional trip to a dumbed down Tex-Mex chain as my touchstones to Latin food culture, the discovery of what Mexican food actually is has been life-changing (but so's my partner).

Tortilla soup brings together so many elements of Mexican cuisine that I'm particularly perplexed and astonished by. Very few ingredients go into this, the soup itself is some softened onion, garlic, chilli and tomatoes simmered in chicken stock, the depth of flavour achieved is extraordinary.

The finishing is tortilla cut into strips and fried, avocado, not very much coriander, cream and lime.

No cheese! No sour cream! Just a few ingredients tempered by technique and the addition of enriching cream and avocado and that cut through that lime is singular for.

Make heaps more than you think you'll need,
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adrianodhou adrianodhou Absolutely fantastic. It takes a very talented and sensitive man to put together simple ingredients and turn them into greatness. And that is just what this dish was. Amazing Tortilla Soup for the soul.
SCGWalker SCGWalker You're so great!!!
bkraker bkraker Yummy
alanbardn alanbardn Mmm...mouth watering
eaj82 eaj82 Looks awesome!
popsta20 popsta20 Cool
idontknow idontknow I don't like avocado but I won't take my dislikes on you it looks good
sanaajym sanaajym Looks nasty
coolgirloveanniesanaa coolgirloveanniesanaa It's me Sanaajym I deleted funnel and then bought it again
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